toolHow to make a tilesettool

This tutorial can be used with Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop.

Part 1: the set

tool1) Let's begin with starting PSP or PS.

tool2) Open the file you can download here.

the palette of stencil.bmp
This is the palette of stencil.bmp. The two marked colors (in the upper right corner) on this picture are the transparent colors.

tool3) Draw your tiles on it(stencil.bmp) or if you already created the tiles, copy them onto it.

tool4) Save it in your Jazz2/Tiles directory as a *.bmp. (Don't forget to use another name. Otherwise all your tilesets will be called "stencil.bmp")

Part 2: the mask

tool5) Open the tileset picture.

tool6) Erase parts that Jazz should walk through. Everything that isn't solid should be the transparent color.

tool7) Now save it as a *.bmp in your Jazz/Tiles Directory. (not the same filename as the normal set has).

Part 3: How to convert it to *.j2t

tool8) Start JCS.

tool9) Click on the "Set" button above the tileset window.

tool10) Click on the "Add" button.

This is what you'll see.
the tileset properties

tool11) Enter the filenames and choose the set (as shown in the picture).

tool12) Remember, always enable "Remap tileset palette". If you did, press OK.

tool12) Now select your tileset from the list and click "Build".

Your set is ready!!!!

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tutorial written by the New spaz